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Drip Spa Dublin  dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and exceeding the expectations of those we touch through our doctors and therapists providing evidence-based physical rehabilitation and innovative solutions within the healthcare continuum. Area of our operation includes the treatment and therapy of diseases and dysfunctions of lokomotor system. Our customers are patients with neurological, orthopedic or neurosurgical problems, rheumatology, cardiac disorders, athletes and others.

Are you worried about chronic pain?  Perhaps you had an accident and you do not know what to do next?  If you just feel tired and overloaded and you don’t know how to help your self? 
Consultations are led by a qualified physiotherapist who will help to determine the cause of pain or discomfort. The therapist will adjust the type of therapy you need and will suggest the best way to cure your problem. 

Step by step procedure

  1. Consultation
  2. Blood test
  3. Blood pressure
  4. Spo2
  5. Vitamins cocktail preparation

Health Check

Your health and safety is our priority, that’s why we work according to strictly defined rules. In the first place, we ask you to fill in a questionnaire, measure your blood pressure and the blood test .

Cannulation procedure

The procedure for cannulation is a stressful moment for everyone because it is associated with pain and needles. We are experienced and professional therefore the process doesn’t have to be painful or stressful.

Preparation of the Vitamin Drip Composition

Once we get to know your health and your expectations, we will prepare a drip that will fulfil your needs and preferences.

The Drip
Now it’s time to connect your drip and infuse vitamins into your veins. This process takes an average of 40-60 min. During this time, you can relax and enjoy supplementing your vitamin deficiencies.

Price List

 Vitamin C __€ 200 ( 25 grams ) 

                       € 250 ( 50 grams )

                       € 280 ( 75 grams ) 

RELAX – Basic Hydration

Electrolites, Vitamin C, Magnesium, B12, Stress Stop, Ginko Biloba from __€150

ENERGY – Basic Hydration – Glucose 5%, Vitamin C,
Alpha Liponic Acid, Multivitamin, B Complex, Amino Acid from __€150

DETOX – Basic Hydration – Electrolites, Vitamin C,
Glutathione 1200mg, Amino Acid, B12, Folic Acid from __€150

VITAL – Basic Hydration – Plasma, Electrolites,
Vitamin C, Multivitamin, B Complex, B12, Amino Acid from __€150

AFTER PARTY – Basic Hydration – NaCL 0,9%,
Basic Hydration Electrolites, Glucose 5%, Vitamin C (2 shoots) from __€150

BEAUTY – Basic Hydration – Plasma Electrolites,
Vitamin C, Lysine-Proline, Q10, B Complex from __€150

RHEUMA – Basic Hydration – Plasma Electrolites,
Rheuma, Vitamin C, Lisine-Proline, Q10, Multivitamin  from __€150

HEALTHY HEART– Basic Hydration – Plasma Electrolites,
Vitamin C, B12, B6+B1, Folic Acid, Alpha Liponic Acid from __150


Basic Hydration 500ml – NaCL 0,9% __€60
Basic Hydration 500ml – Electrolites: __€60
Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium, Chlorides, Citrates, Acetates
Basic Hydration 500ml – Plasma Electrolites: __€60
Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Calcium,
Sodium, Copper. Selenium, Fluorine,
Iodine, Chromium, Acetates, Chlorides
Glucose 5% 500ml__€  60


Vitamin C 7,5g __€20
Multivitamin __€25
Vitamin C 10g __€25
Magnesium __€20                                                            
Vitamin C 15g __€30
Lysine-Proline __€25
Vitamin C 25g __€45
Glutathione 600mg __€30
B12 __€20
Glutathione 1200mg  __€40
B12 __€20
Glutathione 1800mg __€50
Folic Acid __€20
Glutathione 2400mg __€60
Ginkgo Biloba __€20         
Alpha Liponic Acid __€30
Rheuma Composition __€25
B Complex b1, b2, B3, b5, B6 __€20
Amino Acids  __€30
(Arginin, Ornithin, Citrullin, Taurin )  

Before Vitamin Drip Therapy we will need to receive your last blood test results. If You don’t have a valid blood test results (not older then 2 weeks) we will offer you private blood test at our Clinic. You don’t need a GP Referral Letter.



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